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    4 Compelling Reasons to Outsource

    Several years ago, when you first moved into your industrial unit, the smart cladding was in its pristine condition. But as you arrived for work today, you noticed that parts of it were streaked with black and other areas were looking rather drab, with a dull green colour starting to spread. Where once there were neat lines of bolt heads, you could see the fuzzy blobs of moss that had taken hold.

    Cladding Cleaning Before and After

    Sounds familiar? You are not alone, the weather is generally milder and wetter these days, favouring the growth of algae and mosses on cladding meaning that regular professional cleaning is now essential. Here are 4 good reasons why you should leave cladding cleaning to a professional team.

    1. Saves thousands of pounds on repairs in the long term

    No cladding will last forever. As it does its job of creating a dry and secure working environment, the weather, algae, moss and daily wear and tear take their toll. You can’t control the weather; you can’t control daily wear and tear but you can control the algae and moss. Strange as it may seem, cleaning algae and moss from cladding is an expert job.

    Technically rootless, algae and moss can take hold in the smallest of depressions and microscopic cracks. Removing them from their ‘foothold’ using the wrong techniques can enlarge these imperfections which are far too small for the human eye to see. The damage that is done is not seen straight away but starts to appear 6 -12 months down the line. The cladding coating deteriorates imperceptibly and allows the weather plus moss and algal re-growth to damage the metal underneath. Cladding has a lifespan but incorrect cleaning, or no cleaning at all, will significantly shorten it.

    Calling in the professionals will ensure that this damage is avoided and your cladding will be more likely to last for its expected lifetime.

    2. Ensures that Health and Safety standards are met

    Reaching the top of cladding on your industrial unit is tricky – you will need a platform of some sortĀ  such as a scissor lift or a cherry picker for example. A professional cladding cleaning company such as ourselves will make a site visit to establish what equipment is most appropriate for your cleaning project. You won’t need to worry about access, Health and Safety issues or sourcing and co-ordinating the hiring of equipment.


    3. Makes the job of your sales team easier

    Visitors arriving at a building whose cladding is clean will immediately have a more positive view of your business. A clean exterior speaks volumes about your company, it tells visitors that you pay attention to details; it says that you take a pride in what you do; it announces that jobs are done thoroughly and properly.

    By having your cladding professionally cleaned, you can create that positive mindset in potential clients that will make it easier to close a deal.

    4. Minimum disruption to your daily routine

    When you engage us to carry out professional cladding cleaning, we will discuss with you how best to minimise the disruption to your daily business routine, for example, if you know you are having a delivery, we can clean the goods inward area at a specific time so that any deliveries can be made without interruption to the cleaning or vice-versa.


    Why should you hire us to clean your cladding?

    we have the experience, knowledge and equipment for efficient and sympathetic cladding cleaning. Using low pressure steam washers, the grime, algae and mosses will be removed without the damage caused by high pressure washing in the hand of amateurs. This low pressure steam cleaning works a treat and is safer for the environment and people too. The high temperature of the steam means that the cleaning is fast acting and the cladding will dry quickly. Re-colonisation is inevitable but steam cleaning kills off any spores which means a longer period before regrowth occurs without the need for chemical inhibitors.

    So if your premises are in need of cladding cleaning, talk to us onĀ 0800 160 1538 NOW. We clean all types of cladding surfaces including coated aluminium, steel weather board panels and timber cladding. You can also find out more on our cladding cleaning page.