• Retail Window cleaning service West Midlands

    A unique service, specially designed for the high street

    As a retail business you need to ensure your shopfront always looks its best. It’s particularly important for any food or catering related business where hygiene is paramount and where goods are on display, be it merchandise or clothing, and for years we’ve been cleaning windows for just about every type there is in the West Midlands
    Retail window cleaner west midlands

     Retail Customers – Full Fascia Clean

    Using deionised water and brushes we scrub all signage, walls and framework from the top of the sign to the pavement and one client described it as: “taking the
    front of the shop through a car wash!”.
    Retail window cleaners

    Shopfront Window Cleaning West Midlands

    For multi-storey retail establishments, our full range of equipment is available including Reach & Wash water-fed poles, mobile elevated platforms and rope access – all to provide a professional service at the lowest possible cost.
    We offer four levels of service to best fit your needs, but these can all be flexed to meet your specific requirements:
    • Platinum Package – Recommended for flagship stores and 5 star plus hotels and office receptions, as well as businesses who want to present a constantly clean appearance to their clients: Daily: outside window cleaning; Weekly: inside window cleaning and fascia cleaning
    • Gold Package – Recommended for restaurants and pubs where kitchen fumes and fingerprints are an issue inside. Weekly: outside and inside window cleaning; 4-weekly: fascia cleaning
    • Silver Package – most popular package, recommended for most retail businesses in London. Weekly: outside window cleaning; 4-weekly: inside window cleaning and fascia cleaning
    • Bronze Package – Businesses without display windows, to provide a basic maintenance schedule. Fortnightly: outside window cleaning; 4-weekly: inside window cleaning

    Shop window cleaning company west midlands

    Ideal For
    • All high street retailers & ground level shops
    • Banks & insurance companies
    • Cafes & coffee shops
    • Charity Shops
    • Doctors & dentists
    • Dry cleaners & laundromats
    • Fast food & sandwich bars
    • Funeral Directors
    • Office receptions
    • Opticians
    • Pharmacists & medical centres
    • Pubs & wine bars
    • Restaurants
    • Showrooms
    • Supermarkets
    • Travel agents

    Window cleaning may be way down on your to do list, so hiring a professional retail window cleaning London based service could be perfect for you.

    Read on to find out why hiring in an expert to clean your windows can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle.

    Creates A Happier, Healthier Environment

    Dirty windows look bad, let less light in, and generally make your retail store feel less welcoming for both your employees and customers.

    When you have them cleaned regularly, you’ll soon see the difference. It’s amazing what a clean window can do for happiness in the workplace.

    Employees will enjoy having full sunlight coming in, and that sunlight can cheer up any building.

    Increase Productivity

    If you own a small business, it’s common for staff to double up on tasks. You, or someone else in your store can end up cleaning the windows on top of their other duties.

    However, this can eat into the time you need to get other, essential tasks done.

    That’s why our retail window cleaning service based in London can be so helpful. Companies like us can handle it for you, leaving you free to do the important work.

    Professionals Can Clean Your Windows Safely

    Window cleaning isn’t the most dangerous job, unless you have never done it before.

    If you hire professionals to clean your windows then you’ll have professionally trained cleaners who will ensure your windows are cleaned in the safest manner possible.

    This includes techniques and the use of equipment that will keep the cleaners and your property safe.

    Make A Good Impression On Your Customers

    You want to make a good impression on your customers, and this goes without saying. Your store may be clean, neat, and orderly, but it won’t help if your windows are dirty.

    After all, they are the first thing that the customer see.

    If you hire in window cleaners regularly, they’ll be able to keep them clean and maintain that good first impression.

    Keep Your Windows Maintained

    As part of your lease you may be required to keep the windows clean and free of debris. Hiring in a window cleaning service can help you get this done with the minimum of hassle.

    retail window cleaning companyAs well as this, if you’re having the windows cleaned on a regular basis, you’ll see if there are any cracks or chips. Regular cleaning will help you spot these issues in time, meaning they’re much easier to fix.

    Our window cleaners are highly trained and will leave your store windows looking like new! Get in touch to get a free quote on your windows, and you’ll see just how affordable it is to have us take the job off your hands.

    Call us today on 0800 160 1538 to see how we can help you!